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Individual Members

Membership fees

The membership fee is 50€ per year.

Who can become a member
  • European ENT: Practicing or retired ENT that are members of a subspecialty and/or national member societies (European countries including Israel acknowledged by the United Nations) will full access to all Confederation benefits.
  • International Members: Full member of a non-European ENT society.
  • Other Professionals: All other ENT-related professionals as audiologists, speech therapists.
  • Access to our multimedia learning portal.
  • Regular information by email about ORL-HNS news and events via our Confederation newsletters.
  • Opportunity to apply for Confederation grants, awards, fellowships and observerships.
  • Discounts on standard registration fees to Confederation congresses and educational events.
  • Reduced subscription of 25€ per year to the official Journal of the Confederation "European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology", including online access to all regular issues of the Journal and any supplements, see the information here.
  • Access to ENT & Audiology News e-magazines and e-newsletters direct to your inbox every month at no cost.
  • Inclusion in the Confederation community- easily connect with your peers, ask advice, publicise your own events, receive support and friendship.