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Presidential Council Meetings

Next Presidential Council Meeting

Next Presidential Council Meeting: Monday, November 11, 2024 from 09:00 to 13:30h in Vienna, Austria.

If a member society is interested, may delegate a representative to attend the Presidential Council meeting online, informing the Executive Office at least 4 weeks prior the meeting according to the constitution. Members attending the meeting have the right to ask questions but do not have the right to vote. 

Past Presidential Council Meetings

Only the dates of Presidential Council Meetings held in the last three years are published. Minutes of the Presidential Council meetings are not published on the website; if any member society is interested on the minutes of any particular meeting have to send an email to the Executive Office.


June 15, Dublin, Ireland

February 19, Vienna, Austria

November 20, Vienna, Austria
February 20, Vienna, Austria
October, 28, Milan, Italy
July 12, Milan, Italy
April 5, Vienna, Austria