President's Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to welcome you once again from our recently renewed webpage, which is relaunched in 2020 to be our main communication hub. We believe that this newly designed platform will enhance our communication ability with all individuals and societies related to Otorhinolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery (ORL-HNS) in Europe and beyond. We are envisioning to use this platform not only to inform the European and global community about the activities of the Confederation, but also to make it a crucial focal point for exchange of all sorts of information relevant to our specialty. These could be for example the major and regional European scientific events in our specialty, but also the activities of our member societies that they want to share with a larger community in Europe and beyond. Through its interconnectivity with links to all national and subspecialty member society webpages, it also reflects the true soul of our organization. As I mentioned earlier, we should be proud of the fact that currently in Europe our specialty of ORL-HNS is without doubt living its most unified period in its history, despite the current political situations in many of its member countries. All of our member societies that are under the umbrella of the Confederation are marked with their flags and logos on our platform and directly linked to their respective webpages, providing information about them from the first hand. Additionally, this central platform provides in a separate listing section with links to all scheduled activities and approaching congresses, giving all of us and our followers an overview about the educational and networking opportunities within and outside Europe. To complete this circle, we are very happy that all of our member societies are in the process of providing a Confederation logo and a link to our webpage reciprocally at their respective home pages. We feel that this is a very simple way to get interconnected in today’s reality and also a wonderful way to show our solidarity and unity within Europe to the outside world. Furthermore, our site is continuously being improved and enhanced, thus please regularly visit, but also communicate with us to get the most out of it.

In 2020, we lived through a year that’s been unlike any other. During this extraordinary year which challenged us in ways we never expected, we needed to hold back many of our projects to deal with issues that were actually not planned. In almost every aspect of our profession, we needed to learn new ways of doing things and delivering care to our patients and communities. Nevertheless, the pandemic has not only impacted our practices or lives, but also affected almost all educational and academic activities planned for 2020. Our member subspecialty societies have been obliged by the “Force Majeure” situation to postpone their biannual congresses to 2021 and odd years further on. This created a major conflict with the European Congresses organized also biannually in odd years. After deliberate discussions with all our European partners and creating a widespread consensus within Europe, our Presidential Council has unanimously decided to act and postpone our Congresses to even years, starting from 2021, avoiding future collusions and conflicts that could challenge our inter-European harmony, which was functioning perfectly up to now. Therefore, within the legal framework, Confederation’s lifespan and activities have been globally stretched by one year, enabling the 6th Congress of European ORL-HNS to be held in Autumn 2022. Please save the new dates of the next European Congress, the biggest European event in our specialty to be held from October 29th to November 2nd 2022 in Milano, Italy. We are doing our best to make it again a great educational and networking opportunity for all of us, while meeting the whole ORL-HNS community in person and catching-up with friends, that we miss immensely nowadays.

Although we have been very passionate about building a Confederation Educational Platform hand-in-hand with our member national and subspecialty societies and with the support of UEMS ORL Section and EBEORL-HNS, due to the current situation with the pandemic, we needed to put our plans on hold and could not initiated the in-person face-to-face activities in 2020. However, right now we are in the process of building a web based platform starting with Confederation webinars in early 2021. We envision to develop this platform further to a wide-ranging educational program which we can later on hopefully combine with in-person meetings, whenever it is safe and possible. Please stay tuned to our new events, which we will surely inform you also with our Newsletters, another initiative that we have started to send in 2020 to inform you in the best possible way. Please also register or update your e-mails through our portals to automatically get your copy of Confederation Newsletters.

The last but not the least, please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas or questions, which we value very much in our endeavor to continuously develop our specialty in Europe in harmony, by creating a powerful single voice of the Confederation for the good of our member societies, colleagues and patients.

Kindest regards,


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