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Miroslav Tedla, Slovakia

1st Course CEORL-HNS Academy Report

Held on the first weekend of March, this event was organized by Prof. Tomislav Baudoin in the center of Zagreb, Croatia under the Confederation of European ORL-HNS and welcomed 100 active participants from 24 countries from all over Europe and beyond. Event was aimed for ENT residents and young specialists, who seeked to improve their ORL-HNS knowledge and prepare for the national and international board exams. The faculty included professionals and experts in the field from Croatia, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Serbia, Luxembourg and Turkey.

The program lasted two days from morning till early evening and consisted of case studies, that covered current guidelines on diagnosis and management of ORL-HNS diseases, according to the European standards. Participants were divided into 10 groups, in which they discussed case studies of patients, with varying ENT conditions, such as nasal polyposis, allergic rhinitis, otitis media, facial nerve paralysis, thyroid cancer or dysphagia among other. The key aspect of the academy was a classroom environment, where the participants had to engage in the topic, show the thought process behind diagnostics, differential diagnosis and further management of the patient, as well ask questions and discuss their experience in the clinical practice. It also gave an opportunity to work together and share the knowledge between the young residents and faculty. Through these case studies, residents gained invaluable insights, that can help them in their future medical practice. Evenings provided faculty and participants with free time to explore historical city center and nightlife of Zagreb. The academy was concluded by a get together party in the local pub, where everyone could relax, enjoy their time and discuss the events of the weekend.

Overall, the event was an excellent platform for networking and sharing ideas and served as a source of inspiration and motivation for young residents pursuing their career and taking their ORL-HNS exams.  We hope to join in next time.

Diana Ugorová, MD, 4th year of training program in ORL-HNS
Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, Bratislava, Slovakia