During the 1st Meeting of the EAORL-HNS in collaboration with EUFOS, which took place from June 27 – 30, 2009 in Mannheim, Germany, a number of administrative meetings took place, among them the General Assembly of the EAORL-HNS on Saturday, June 27, 2009.

Presidential Welcome

After Klaus Jahnke has welcomed the numerous participants, he adds that in order to strengthen and improve communication in the society, it is important to send updates on their societies’ board members to the EA secretariat in Vienna.

After the Minutes of the General Assembly of the European Academy of ORL-HNS, July 1, 2007 in Vienna, Austria have been approved, Klaus Jahnke continues his Report of the President.

On the topic of the Confederation (Merger with EUFOS), he describes in detail how both the EAORL-HNS and EUFOS General Assemblies voted to start the merging process during the 6th EUFOS Congress in Vienna in 2007. Afterwards, Jan Olofsson and he stayed in Vienna one day longer to set benchmarks. The General Secretaries and Treasurers of both societies, as well Reidar Grenman and Dick Maw continued the work, which was then taken to Brussels. He believes the result to be a good one, adding that fine-tuning may be necessary.

He then asks for a vote on the decision to merge, which is unanimous, which he comments by saying that “this will strengthen our specialty in Europe”.

General Secretary Marc Remacle then presents two logos for the Confederation; the majority of those present votes for logo design #1. Jan Olofsson states that he will present his logo design to the EUFOS General Assembly the next day. That way, one proposal of the EA and one from EUFOS will be voted for at the Confederation GA on Monday, June 29, 2009.

Continuing his report, Klaus Jahnke tells participants that all member societies were asked if they had alternative candidates for the Executive Committee. Only one proposal was received, he continues, namely Karl Hörmann as candidate for the Presidency, a candidature that Karl Hörmann has declined.

The EC thus very clearly and unanimously proposes Reidar Grenman as new President of the EAORL-HNS, and Piero Nicolai as new Treasurer.

On the topic of the Venue of the 2013 Academy Meeting, Klaus Jahnke quotes 12.2. of the byelaws, explaining that like in Cologne in 2006, the EC is qualified to elect the venue for the next Academy meeting. He informs the GA that an unanimous decision was taken at the EC Meeting for Nice as venue for 2013, with Jacques Magnan as Chairman of the Meeting, adding that the applications from Istanbul and Prague were much appreciated.

Jan Olofsson states that in the future, the venue should be addressed in the Confederation GA.

Since no Additional topics for General Assembly were proposed by member societies, Marc Remacle then begins his Report of the General Secretary

First, he addresses the society homepage, informing the GA that the Academy homepage has been adapted into a CMS-based website (Content Management System), allowing for faster updates and more efficient handling. This website is still under construction, but expected to go online in the late summer.

On the topic of Corporate Memberships, he presents how ELS handles corporate memberships. As a matter of course, no access is granted to the member list or the internal member-only part. Klaus Jahnke adds that 6.5. of the byelaws already allow for co-opted memberships. The principle of corporate membership is accepted but the requested amount must be defined.

Klaus Albegger then reports that for the first time, the European Board Exam (written part) will take place on Monday, June 29, 2009. In order to prepare for the oral part, Reidar Grenman states, examiners need to be trained, adding that it is important to find people who are interested in this process and who can take the exams.

Klaus Jahnke reconfirms that the subspecialty societies should be involved, adding that oral exams are usually with the participation of a member of the national societies. David Proops adds that at the next UEMS ORL Section Meeting in Ischia, a whole day will be spent on organising the oral exam. While he feels it is important to receive help and support from the subspecialty societies, he wonders if highly specialised specialists are necessarily the most suitable examiners.

Replying to a question from the audience, David Proops explains that this specialist degree in ORL is offered by UEMS, authorized by Brussels. Many medical societies have already implemented such exams – ENT is following, not leading. Reidar Grenman adds that many countries recognise the European exams as their official exam. However, Milan Profant raises the question that the country representatives in UEMS are not always from the society in charge of organising exams nationally.

Klaus Albegger announces that on Monday at 7 pm, the EBE Exam Advisory Board will have a meeting.

Before the votings, Marc Remacle confirms who the official representatives of each society are, reminding participants that according to the byelaws, the Founding Societies (ELS, ERS, EHNS, EAONO and UEMS ORL Section) have 2 votes, EUFOS has 3, and all other member societies have 1 representative.

Karl Hörmann is unanimously approved as successor to Manuel Bernal-Sprekelsen as new representative for the UEMS ORL Section.

EUFOS is represented by Milan Profant, Reidar Grenman and Jan Olofsson.

Report of the Treasurer

Following this presentation, Manuel Bernal-Sprekelsen reports on the society’s financial status, presenting financial data from 2005 up until the end of the 1st quarter of 2009. He also reports that until the deadline of June 1, 2009, all societies have paid their fees.

Of the two auditors, only one – Stephan Lang – is present. Stephan Lang, who is also a health economist, has gone through all the papers provided and declares that everything is in order.

Since he can only be present in Mannheim after the General Assembly has taken place, Jaime Marco, the second auditor, has sent an email from Spain stating that he is perfectly content with the files as presented to him.

The books are then officially approved by the General Assembly.

Klaus Jahnke thanks the GA, adding that “this shows we are not only colleagues, but also friends.”

He also thanks Stephan Lang for stepping in at such short notice.

Following Manuel Bernal-Sprekelsen’s report, Klaus Jahnke expresses his gratitude for all of Bernal-Sprekelsen’s work, but also for “his stimulating discussions and emails.”

Klaus Jahnke then addresses the congress, commending Karl Hörmann’s good work with the exhibition despite the financial crisis, which made it possible to offer a low early bird fee.

Special thanks are due to Heinz Stammberger, Manuel Bernal-Sprekelsen and Rudolf Häusler for their work in the Pre-Congress Course.

Voting on the Merger with EUFOS

Reidar Grenman proposes that Andrea Balcar, who is the administrative secretary of the EAORL-HNS, take over administration of the Confederation. No one is against this proposal.

The administration of the Confederation will be presently co-financed by EUFOS and the EA as the Confederation doesn’t have any own funds so far.


Before the GA votes for a new President, Klaus Jahnke briefly describes Reidar Grenman, stating that “I know no one better for this position”. Reidar Grenman is unanimously elected new President and, having left the room with Piero Nicolai, returns to warm applause.

Marc Remacle then introduces Piero Nicolai, adding that he is a reliable, multi-lingual colleague.

Piero Nicolai is unanimously elected new Treasurer, and returns to the room to warm applause.

Following a comment by Klaus Jahnke that “we should not change a winning team”, Jaime Marco and Stephan Lang are unanimously elected Auditors until 2013.

On the topic of Honorary Memberships, Marc Remacle explains that already in Vienna in 2007, it had been voted that Reidar Grenman would receive the Honorary Membership. However, it was decided that he would receive this award in Mannheim.

In addition, the EC has another proposal. After Klaus Jahnke has left the room, Marc Remacle briefly describes his many accomplishments for the Founding of the Academy, and all his work and support in making it strong.

The EC’s decision to make Klaus Jahnke an honorary member is greeted with applause, as Marc Remacle thanks Klaus Jahnke for his contributions, adding that “we owe a lot to you.”

Klaus Jahnke replies that even after having stepped down, he will be ready to help if asked, “otherwise I will disappear into the woods.”

Under Varia, Manuel Bernal-Sprekelsen reports about the preparations for the 2011 congress in Barcelona, saying that the EAORL-HNS will be asked to provide names for Round Tables and panels, adding that it’s important to have a balanced programme. The 10 most popular IC’s in Mannheim will be asked reapply for Barcelona.

Bernal-Sprekelsen explains that it is planned that at least 1/3 of the panelists be young people.

As an additional bonus, participants will be invited to send in manuscripts – three journals will select the best papers, which then get to be keynote lectures.

The congress homepage will go online towards the end of summer.

Klaus Jahnke then thanks all participants and closes the meeting at 17:30.
This article will be published in European Archives, volume 266, number 11, November 2009. For more information, please go to www.springerlink.com.

General Assembly members participating during one of the votes Reidar Grenman is unanimously elected new President of the EAORL-HNS

General Assembly members participating during one of the votesReidar Grenman is unanimously elected new President of the EAORL-HNS