In the past three issues of this journal, seven of the Academy's fifteen affiliated member societies were profiled; these were EAACI, EAFPS, EASM, EAONO, EGFL, ERS and PWG.

In this issue, EHNS and UEP are presented.

The affiliated member societies are:

  • EAACI - European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology ENT-Section
  • EAFPS - European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery
  • EASM - European Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • EAONO - European Academy of Otology & Neurootology EFAS - European Federation of Audiological Societies
  • EGDG - European Study Group for Globus and Dysphagia
  • EGFL - European Study Group of Functional Surgery following Laryngectomy
  • EHNS - European Head & Neck Society
  • ELS - European Laryngological Society
  • ERS - European Rhinologic Society
  • ESBS - European Skull Base Society
  • ESGS - European Salivary Gland Society
  • ESPO - European Society of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology
  • PWG: Permanent Working Group of European Junior Doctors
  • UEP - Union of European Phoniatricians

European Head & Neck Society
A True Multidisciplinary Platform for Head and Neck Oncology

Officially founded in 2006, the EHNS is registered in Belgium as an international non-profit association under Belgian law. The EHNS is composed of individual persons, national and multi-national societies, and associated study groups oriented towards head and neck cancer research, training and treatment throughout Europe. Individuals from elsewhere in the world are also welcome to apply for membership.

This is the final result of a road towards a true European multidisciplinary platform on head and neck tumours. It mirrors North American and other organisations and is endorsed by the International Federation of Head and Neck Oncologic Societies (IFHNOS).

The intent of the EHNS is to promote exchange of knowl­edge in all aspects of head and neck neoplastic diseases and to promote the highest standards of research, education and training, disease prevention and patient care. It is a multi-disciplinary body bringing together clinicians, basic sci­entists and patients' organisations involved in any aspect of Head and Neck Oncology.

EHNS regularly organizes conferences: in November 2001, the 1st European Conference on Head and Neck Cancer took place in the French city of Lille. Four main topics in the field of Head and Neck Oncology were selected and discussed from a European perspective: epidemiology, oropharyngeal carcinoma, novel diagnostic methods and therapies, and quality-of-life issues. The content, attendance (from 19 different European countries) and facilities were all regarded as highly successful.

Two years later, the equally successful 2nd European Conference on Head and Neck Cancer was hosted, again in Lille, with the subtitle 'towards a European Head and Neck Cancer Society'. During the general assembly it was unanimously voted that an EHNS should be organized and a founding board was elected. The regulatory process started until the official registration of EHNS in 2006.

In 2007 EHNS jointly with ESTRO organized a meeting in Barcelona on Innovative Approaches in Head and Neck Cancer. A similar meeting will be held again in Barcelona in 2009 as a joint venture between EHNS, ESTRO and ESMO.

From May 8 - 10, 2008, the 3rd European Conference on Head and Neck Oncology took place in Zagreb, Croatia. More than 400 participants attended this conference starting with live surgery on minimally invasive head and neck surgery, and 4 sessions on cutaneous malignancies, salivary glands diseases, treatment complications and management of persistent diseases. Additionally there were free papers sessions on reconstructive surgery, oral/oropharyngeal cancer, larynx/hypopharynx cancer, thyroid tumours and chemoradiotherapy.

The 4th European Conference on Head and Neck Cancer is planned in Athens in March 2010.
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Union of European Phoniatricians
The UEP was founded in Belgrade in October 1971, on the initiative of Peter Biesalski (Germany), Dusan Cvejic (Yugoslavia), Gerhard Kittel (Germany) and Oscar Schindler (Italy).

According to the first bylaws fixed in 1977, the purposes of the Union are to promote the specialty of phoniatrics and the professional conditions of phoniatricians, strengthening scientific relations between its members and putting them into practice for the benefit of medical care by medical doctors working in the public health sector as well as in private practice, thereby improving life and work conditions for its members.
Another issue is the consolidation of solidarity among these medical doctors, and the study of professional, social and ethic problems and search for their solutions, in the interest of the phoniatricians and their patients.

To achieve these goals, the Union uses all means of information and investigation, publishing reports and periodicals/brochures.
The UEP has had a strong impact on the development of the specialty as well as for the training in phoniatrics not only within Europe, but – due to a fruitful cooperation with the International Federation of Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Societies (IFOS) – also on a worldwide scope.

UEP recently participated in the hugely successful EUFOS Congress, which took place from June 30 to July 4, 2007 in Vienna. It will also be involved in the scientific programme of the First Meeting of the EAORL-HNS, due to take place from June 27 - 30 in Mannheim, Germany.
UEP's current President is Prof. Andrzej Obrebowski (Poznan/Poland).

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