The Austrian Society of ORL, HNS and the European Academy of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery and its member societies all actively contributed to the scientific programme, which was compiled and planned in close cooperation with the three programme coordinators, Klaus Jahnke (Germany) for Otology — Neurootology, Jan Olofsson (Norway) for Head and Neck—Laryngology and Heinz Stammberger (Austria) for Rhinology—Facial Plastic Surgery. 

At the opening ceremony, Heinz Stammberger surprised the audience with a take on ‘The Third Man’, and reminded everyone that ‘Vienna always was at a crossroads...’, while the Wild Ensemble gave a musical tour de force of all that Vienna has to offer. Opening lectures by Benoıˆt Lengele´ (Belgium) about the first human face transplant and Hartmut Neumann (Germany) about the European Paraganglioma Network gave the audience a first glimpse of what else to expect.

Up to 12 sessions ran parallel in the stately rooms of the former Habsburg residence at any given time, presenting the very latest in clinical practice and research.

Within the framework of Instructional Courses, 37 live dissection operations were performed, offering delegates the opportunity to get acquainted with new procedures and techniques. With a total of 55 scientific sessions, 30 keynote lectures, 79 instructional courses, 89 round tables and 3133 participants from 96 countries, the EUFOS congress proved beyond doubt to be the largest of its kind in Europe. In addition, more than 80 participating companies made this one of the largest commercial exhibitions ever at a European ENT congress.

On the final day, some of the field’s leading minds gathered in a special round table to discuss "European ENT—quo vadis? The Final Round....Table", to share ideas and discuss current topics and controversies in the field, providing a suitable ending to this multi-day event.

The panel included:

  • Desiderio Passali, President of IFOS (Italy)
  • Peter Clement, Former President of EUFOS (Belgium)
  • Klaus Jahnke, President of the EAORL-HNS (Germany)
  • Reidar Grenman, President of UEMS-ENT-Section (Finland)
  • Erwin Offeciers, IFOS Regional Secretary for Europe (Belgium)
  • Jan Olofsson, newly elected President of EUFOS (Norway)
  • Klaus Albegger (Austria) and Heinz Stammberger (Austria), Congress Presidents

A summary of their statements will be published in the next issue. In his words of farewell to the audience, Klaus Albegger expressed his wish that everyone take the ‘spirit of Vienna’ home with them.

All in all, the outstanding success of this 6th EUFOS Congress proved that ENT is a very lively community, with strong ties in Europe and far beyond.

Text and photos:
Andrea Balcar, Society Manager EAORL-HNS

Peter Clement addresses the audienceKlaus Jahnke during the Final Round Table