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Welcome to the Information Page for the CEORL-HNS 2017 Fellowships


In addition to providing education and training through congresses, the CEORL-HNS has decided to promote Fellowships, in close collaboration between the subspecialty societies and the UEMS ORL-Section.

In 2015 the first Fellowship "content" was started for Head and Neck Surgery. In 2016, A Fellowship each for Otology-Neurotology and for Rhinology were offered.  The online application tool for Candidates will be available from beginning of June, 2017..

For criteria eligibility and all other details - both for clinics and candidates -, please view the Announcements.


Potential Host Clinics are invited to apply, using the templates provided.
Please note that Host Clinic applications run until March 31, 2017


CEORL-HNS 2017 Fellowship in Facial Plastics

Announcement Fellowship Facial Plastics

Clinic Template Facial Plastics


CEORL-HNS 2017 Fellowship in Paediatrics

Announcement Paediatrics

Clinic Template Paediatrics



For questions, please contact:

Ms. Andrea Balcar
Executive Officer

fellowship (at)