Klaus Jahnke’s significant medical achievements in the field of ENT span close to 40 years and are intimately linked to the reconstructive surgery of the middle ear.

Klaus Jahnke was one of the founding fathers of the European Academy of ORL-HNS in 2004 and later participated in the creation of the Confederation of ORL-HNS.

Scientific drive, profound knowledge and inquisitiveness, along with dignity, empathy and a well-honed sense of justice, all were elemental to Klaus Jahnke’s personality. Those who knew him have lost a trusted teacher, colleague, superior and advisor, as well as a loyal and trusted friend. While we mourn alongside Klaus Jahnke’s wife Rosemarie, his children and grandchildren, we also take solace in the knowledge that his work and legacy will continue.


The photo shows Prof. Dr. Jahnke receiving honorary membership of the European Academy of ORL-HNS from Prof. Reidar Grénman, in Mannheim 2009.