Dear colleagues and friends,

2015 was a very successful year for ENT in Europe, in general, and the CEORL-HNS in particular, with an outstanding meeting in Prague organised by Profs. Jan Betka, Jan Klozar and Jan Plzak (the "Three Jans") and their team. Over 3000 participants attended the meeting (exhibitors not included).

Preparations are already in progress for the 2017 meeting, which will be organised October 19-23 in Antalya, Turkey, by Prof. Ferhan Öz. The scientific programme shall offer most practical aspects of our specialty and, in close collaboration with the European Board Examination, also the possibility to pass the written EBEORL exam (

As in previous meetings, the CEORL-HNS is focusing its scientific programme on young colleagues while, at the same time, enabling a very cheap early bird registration fee that may suit their budgets. I wished I had had such a chance when I was a resident.

Please, find all details on the congress website:

In addition to providing education and training through congresses, the CEORL-HNS has decided to promote Fellowships. For this, a close collaboration has been started to coordinate the development of such fellowship programmes between the subspecialty societies and the UEMS-ORL-Section.

Last year, the first Fellowship “content” was started for Head and Neck Surgery. Departments with a large CV in HNS applied as potential hosts and among all young candidates Dr. Robert Sifrer, from Slovenia, was awarded a fellowship in the Department of Prof. René Leemans, Amsterdam.

Discretionally, the Board of the CEORL-HNS decided for two travel grants of 5000.- Euro each, that were given to Dr.Gauthier Desuter, Belgium, and to Dr. Ali Cemal Yumusakhuylu, Turkey, allowing both to spend a minimum of 6 weeks at one or more accredited Head and Neck Departments of their choice. Both travel grant recipients and the fellow will report back in time to inform about their experience.

The financial benefits of the Prague meeting (Again: many thanks to the “three Jans”!!!) have allowed us to promote additional fellowships this year,  – one for Otology-Neurotoogy and one for Rhinology.
Hosting departments and potential candidates should pay attention to our website to submit their respective CV in time. Watch for the announcement and eligibility criteria.
Fellowship candidates on the shortlist will be invited to a Hearing on Friday, November 4, 2016 in Vienna.
On behalf of the CEORL-HNS, I encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities, participate in our meetings and work with us to further strengthen and unify ENT in Europe.

Manuel Bernal-Sprekelsen, M.D., Ph.D.
President of the CEORL-HNS 2015-2017