Welcome to the Information Page for the CEORL-HNS 2016 Fellowships


In addition to providing education and training through congresses, the CEORL-HNS has decided to promote Fellowships, in close collaboration between the subspecialty societies and the UEMS ORL-Section.

Last year, the first Fellowship "content" was started for Head and Neck Surgery. For 2016, we are promoting two additional fellowships - one for Otology-Neurotology and one for Rhinology.  The online application tool for Candidates will be available from July 1 - September 23, 2016.

For criteria eligibility and all other details - both for clinics and candidates -, please view the Announcements.

Potential Host Clinics are invited to apply, using the templates provided.
Please note that Host Clinic applications run until May 31, 2016.


CEORL-HNS 2016 Fellowship in Otology-Neurotology

Announcement Fellowship Otology-Neurotology

Clinic Template Otology-Neurotology


CEORL-HNS 2016 Fellowship in Rhinology

Announcement Rhinology

Clinic Template Rhinology



UPDATE September 2016

To view the list of possible host clinics as well as the clinic templates, please click here.


For questions, please contact:

Ms. Andrea Balcar
Executive Officer

fellowship (at) ceorl-hns.org