Next Presidential Council Meeting:

Monday, 18 November 2019, 09:00-15:00 h
Vienna, Austria

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1. President's welcome and Vote on opening meeting to guests (C. Meco)

2. Minutes PC meeting, June 28, 2019 (J. Plzák)

3. Report of the Treasurer (M. Tedla)

4. Confederation budget draft for 2020 (M. Tedla, G. Casanova)

5. Brussels 2019 Report and Financial Result (M. Remacle)

6. Advisory Board Meeting + General Assembly + Society Village 2019 Report (C. Meco, G. Casanova)

7. Milano 2021 (P. Nicolai)

8. Dublin 2023 (J. Russell)

9. Vote of Balkan and Danube societies as Affiliated Societies (J. Plzák)

10. EJD and EAACI (C. Meco, G. Casanova)

11. CEORL HNS awareness / promoting activities (C. Meco):

  • Attendance to congresses organised by subspecialty societies with a booth
  • Displaying and linking Confederation at subspecialty/national society webpages like done in EHNS webpage
  • Promoting collaboration at subspecialty/national society level like the cooperation with ERS SPC
  • Endorsing Confederation sessions at other related specialty meetings, like the European Respiratory Society Congress, etc.

12. Confederation newsletter (G. Casanova, C. Meco)

13. CEORL HNS participation in AAOHNS Meeting Boston 2020 and Brazilian ENT Society 50th Anniversary Meeting Sao Paolo 2020 (C. Meco)

14. Cooperation with ISOM 2021 Congress (C. Meco)

15. Webpage (G. Casanova, J. Plzák):

  • Budget
  • Events to be published on the webpage

16. Co-opted membership

17. EBEORL update (U. Pedersen)

18. Educational Activities (C. Meco)

19.Contract PCO + Assoc. management (C. Meco)

20. Date next PC meeting (C. Meco)

21. Varia

22. Farewell and end of PC meeting (C. Meco) scheduled for 3pm